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Important Info
• Government-issued photo ID is required to check in
• Checkin: After 14:00; Check out: Before 11:00
• Hot shower served from 07:00 to 23:30
• Air conditioning provided in summer, from 20:00 to 10:00
• Turn down your volume after 22:00
• Puton provided quilt sheet and pillow case before sleep
• For eco-friendly, please bring your own towel, toothbrush, andtoothpaste
• Thereis NO LIFT or ELEVATOR in this property

Key Facilities
• Free WiFi
• Luggage storage
• Shared bathrooms with hair dryer
• Shower gel and shampoo
• Spin dryer for use
• Drinking water
• Shared kitchen (SuSuGuesthouse 2 only) and refrigerator
• Bicycle rental: NT$50/day (until midnight)
• Washing machine: NT$50/load

Exchange For Accommodation
Booksand CDs exchange for accommodation are welcomed. Email the list twoweeks before you arrive and we will reply how much discount you willget on your accommodation.

Aminimum of two weeks work exchange for accommodation is alsowelcomed. Contact us for details two weeks before you arrive. 

Anyother exchange ideas, welcome to contact.